What you are cutting out
*processed foods
*Bad sugars
What you can have in abundance
*Healthy Carbs (whole grains, whole grain bread, potatoes, fruits, whole grain rice)
*Veggies (mainly green, and yellow starches)
maple syrup
*Avocados (limit if trying to lose weight)
*Whole grain rice
*Whole grain pasta
*Any engine 2 foods from whole foods (he has great pizza doughs and you can just fill it with veggies and his pasta sauce)
Where do you get protein?
*Any green veggies really
*You will not have trouble getting enough protein… This is a myth so do not worry. Keep your carb intake high with healthy carbs that I listed above. That is your main food source. We thrive on starches.

Alternatives to dairy
*Daiya cheese or any vegan cheeses from whole foods. Experiment with it see what you like. (try to stay away from if possible if you want to lose weight)
*Almond milk, soy milk, banana milk, etc.
*Earth balance vegan butter
*Banana nice cream instead of ice cream


*Whole grain bread with bananas on the toast with maple syrup drizzled all over
*Oatmeal with peanut butter and frozen berries (maple syrup optional)
*Engine 2 cereal with almond milk
*Whole grain toast with avocado on top or jelly
*Banana nice cream with cinnamon on top
*Whole grain rice, with guac, beans (any kind) salsa,
*Potatoes baked in the oven (no oil) 455 degrees for 30-45 min with organic ketchup (no high fructose corn syrup) I like Annies organic ketchup with side salad
*Whole grain pasta with engine 2 tomato sauce
*Whole grain pasta with fake cheese (boil two potatoes then put in blender with *nutritional yeast (gives you your B12), salt, pepper, and garlic, and blend) Makes cheesy texture and tastes AMAZING!
*Engine 2 burgers! He has burger buns and the plant based burger. Excellent lunch!

Dinner: Same as lunch!

*Any kind of fruit or veggies or green juices, or smoothies, handful of nuts or seeds, leftovers of any kind.
Note: Make sure to add in enough greens in your day. Sometimes it can be really challenging so a green juice is a really good way to get those in. Ask me for recipes for green juices. Juicers are cheap at war mart. You don’t need nothin fancy! Another great way is to make a huge salad with 4 cups of your favorite green (lettuce, spinach, etc…) with guac as a dressing and lemon juice on top or any oil free dressing
Walk through whole foods…. There is A TON!
MY FAVORITES: Amy’s dairy free vegan mac n cheese, kettle chips, diya pizzas, vegan chicken nuggets. These are not ideal to eat but sometimes totally necessary. These foods are just as unhealthy as non vegan foods just cruelty free. So, remember if you do eat these you won’t feel your best and these foods will not help you lose weight. Sometimes though everyone needs a cheat day!

*YOU WILL make mistakes, do not be hard on yourself this is a process. You might eat something and later realize it had milk in it. DO NOT freak out. It is okay… I still have that happen to me occasionally and I have been doing this for four months.
If you would like more options that help with the cravings of meat let me know! I have plenty. This is just a simple meal plan and super healthy. I will leave at the bottom suggestions to books that teach you how to do this and why it is the best for your health, animals, and environment! If you are only doing this to see what happens that is totally fine! NO pressure to believe the same beliefs! I am proud of y’all for taking control of your health even if it is for just a month because I strongly believe you will always want to come back! It is that amazing!!!


If you start to feel like crap, that is normal. You are experiencing a detox. Think about it… you have been eating cholesterol, bad sugars, meat, dairy, and fat for years. Your body is going into shock and trying to rid your body of those toxins. Be patient. This will pass. Symptoms will include a fever, fatigue, nauseousness, headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, easy to upset, and many more. Everybody is different you could experience all of these, none of these, or only a few. I got a high fever, headaches, was often sleepy, and grumpy. Get plenty of rest if possible and DRINK A LOT OF WATER! Get a dry brush a brush you skin. That sounds crazy, but it helps. Go to HEB… they are literally 2-4 dollars. DO IT!

What I need from you for this experiment!
A picture. Just a normal picture of you so we can see your before and after side by side
Keep a journal and just jot down how you are feeling throughout the month and any changes you notice.
At the end of this month I will need you to write your experience. It doesn’t need to be long just explain what you loved about it or hated about it, and if you will continue it or add in some of the things you have learned into your daily life.
To take care of yourself! I am so excited for you to start this one month journey! It will be awesome! (:

Just email it to me through the contacts if you want to be a part of this experiment!
Book suggestions
– The Lean by Kathy Freston (I have had the pleasure of talking to her and she is awesome and really knows what she is talking about) She has other books feel free to check those out too.
– Engine 2 He
s a firefighter here in Austin who helped his friend who had high cholesterol with this diet.
– Starch Solution Dr. McDougal. He is amazing! This is more of an informative health book

Youtubers to look up
– MontanaDanna
– High Carb Hannah (lost 60 pounds on this diet)
– Ellen Fisher
– Rawvana
– Kate Flowers
*Just look up starch solution and a lot will pop up!
So, good luck on your journey!! I can’t wait to hear about your progress! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions or recipes! If you are struggling and just need help let me know. I know what it’s like and sometimes this can be really hard. I AM HERE FOR YOU!
Good luck!


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