3 struggles of going vegan!

Unsupportive People
Friends, family, even strangers who don’t know you but feel the need to put their two sense in about your diet. It was the hardest challenge for me to face. I was raised on a SAD so when people in my family or family friends hear that I am now vegan I often get this look of “why?” and “I couldn’t live without meat” and “heather you need protein” or my favorite “that’s not how to lose weight, you’re going to get sick” At first it was really hard to just ignore the negative comments, but once I started feeling all the benefits of giving up meat and dairy I slowly stopped caring. THEN I got made fun of for the first time by a mutual friend. THAT WAS TOUGH. I care to much what people think of me. That is something I am working on. For a good week what this person said sat in my mind. I felt discouraged and kind of alone. Why is what I eat weird to other people? I started noticing people I went to high school deleting me off of social media and people confronting me about my vegan lifestyle but God forbid me say anything about why I believe the meat and dairy industry should not be supported. It was just hard. So that’s the main reason I am creating this youtube channel. So I can speak my mind and say whatever the hell I want and to help others who might be just starting their vegan journey and need a little extra support.

You will more then likely feel left out. Your old friends who are still interested in partying or think what you’re doing is just insane and they get annoyed by your happiness, will slowly stop hanging out with you. THATS OKAY! Look at that as a positive change. You are wanting to change your life right? Well that just means you’re doing it! Those friends who only wanted to hangout with you when you were drinking or at a party are not the friends you want in your life. You want the type of friends that encourage you even if they don’t follow the same path as you. You want the type of friend that when you are happy. They just want you to keep doing what you’re doing that’s making you feel that way! I suggest you reach out to people who have the same beliefs or lifestyle as you do or you are wanting because remember, who you hangout with, is more then likely who you become. I suggest getting on Facebook and typing in “Vegan, then the state you live in” and click on people or groups and add them! I met this awesome chick Samantha just by doing that and she has helped me SO MUCH. I have never met her face to face but she will message me occasionally just seeing how I am doing and that means the world to me! It really pushes me to continue pushing for the life I deserve as well as making a difference in this world. I also met a girl named Lori, and Nicole this way as well and she talked to me on the phone for like two hours just answering all my questions about veganism. It seriously is amazing to see how many people are willing to help you! You just gotta reach out to them. (Feel free to email me through the contact page, I would love to help as well!)

Last but not least, DETOX
This one might be the hardest of them all. Everyone goes through detox differently. I had a fever of 103.4 for about a week and felt awful body aches. Although, I was physically able to do way more then usual. I had so much energy honestly to much… it was really annoying. I was moody…. (just ask my boyfriend) and I was impatient. I would be driving and just start crying… not out of sadness but out of anger. Like, I was finding myself extremely angry for no reason. So yea, you might be a total bitch when you go vegan but that’s okay because your body needs to cleanse and you need to let it go through this dreadful process. After years of filling your body up with processed junk, meat, and dairy it’s freaking out now that you aren’t feeding it that. If you feel that may be to much on you just lean in to vegansim. A great book that I am reading teaches you how to do that day by day. It’s called “The Lean” by Kathy Freston. She describes it as crowding out the bad food but not taking it away. You simply crowd it out with better healthier foods that way you just don’t have room for all the gross stuff anymore. It’s a great tool to use if you think going full vegan over night might be just a little to much or if you just want to learn about your body and food!

Well, I hope you enjoyed this blog post! If you are trying to go vegan at all, send me some messages!! Let me know how it goes (:


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